In 1979, Alto Carbono S.A. de C.V. was founded in Queretaro, Mexico as a manufacturer of High Carbon Steel Wires. It rapidly became the leader in Mexico for these high tensile wires. In 1982 Cablesa was founded to include High Carbon Steel Wire Ropes. Local success leads to expansion into four (4) facilities located in the United States (Phoenix, Washington, New Orleans and Houston) the overall capacity was 50,000 MT/yr.

Bimetallic Products:

In 1990 Alumoclad de Mexico S.A. de C.V. was founded in Queretaro, Mexico to manufacture Aluminum Clad Steel and Copper Clad Ground Rods both of which are bimetallic products. These products are primarily used in ACSR Transmission and Distribution lines as well as OPGW lines. And the Copper Clad ground rods, which are the final connection for the grounding system. Alumoclad uses the highest British Conform Technology to manufacture the aluminum clad steel. These wires are drawn and closed into strands that are sold internationally. The capacity is approximately 7200 MT/yr.

In the fall of 2009 Copperclad S.A. de C.V. was founded in Queretaro, Mexico. To manufacture other bimetal products such as Copper Clad Steel and Copper Clad Aluminum. Our developed Cladding Process is comprised of the Best Available Cladding Technology and allows us to operate at the highest levels of efficiency which translates to the best pricing for the customer. By beginning of 2016, by seeing the potential and high demand of our wires and cables, Copperclad had to increase their capacity by installing new complete lines. As for today, Copperclad has 5 Cladding lines for the CCS market and 2 lines for the CCA market. This expansion of the company put Copperclad with a capacity of 15,500 Metric Tons a year.

Copperclad in less than a decade, has become a very important player in the bimetalic industry, supplying millions of pounds per month at the Utility Market in the USA, Tracer Wire, Telecom, and other special applications.

Copperclad is committed to the quality and service to our customers and we thank you for your interest and business with our company.


What is a Copper Clad?

- It is a bimetallic product used in the cable industry that combines the high strength of steel with the conductivity and corrosion resis- tance of Copper for the CopperClad Steel. And for the CopperClad Aluminum, combines the lightweight, exibility and conductivity of the aluminum with the corrosion resistance and higher conductivity of the Copper.
- A bimetal, is a substitute for a simple metal
- The external metal is different from the internal metal
- The adherence of both metals is thru a metallurgical process na- med cladding
- The processes for manufacturing the bimetals products are:
Electrolytic, Extrusion of billets, Conforming, Liquid metals and "So- lid Metal Cladding" (Patented by CopperClad S.A. de C.V.)

CopperClad S.A. de C.V. has the highest technology ever developed for the clading process in the world. With our state of the art facility and all new equipment, we guarantee the highest quality and service for all our customers.



CopperClad's products are the perfect solution to substitute solid Copper in a lot of industries. With the volatility of the market price for Copper, all users are looking for alternative products, and we all come to the conclusion that CopperClad's Bimetals Products are the best solution.

If you are looking to cut out the theft of your Copper, to have les weight in your conductors, to add strength in your cables and to sabe money in your costs CopperClad has a perfect and high quality product that will be able to replace copper in your current applications.



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